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Trentino's Porphyry

Trentino's Porphyry with natural surface is employed for all building uses both in indoor and outdoor spaces. In the latter, it is used in the form of slabs and with processed materials, in particular the well-known porphyry cubes or “sanpietrini” which are the best solution for pedestrian and vehicular traffic surface paving. Porphyry is massively employed for the construction of bounding kerbs, steps, coping, wall bases, street furniture elements, as well as for rough wall coating.
In indoor spaces it is a key component of flooring with mottled, matt, smooth, polished and semi-polished finishes. TRENTINO’S PORPHYRY, extracted from the quarry in Montegorsa, is a grey, reddish-brown rock with porphyritic texture made of a vitreous fluidal matrix which contains medium or fine-grained quartz, feldspar and mica phenocrysts. The rock is solid and massive; its excellent physical and mechanical properties are strictly connected to its special mineralogical composition and texture, which make this material extremely resistant to chemical-physical alteration, temperature variations and frost-thaw action. This is why this rock is particularly suitable for outdoor spaces.

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