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Specialists in porphyry extraction, Consorzio Porfido Italia Porf-it is a consortium of local companies, as well as an industry leader. The use of traditional extraction techniques and groundbreaking technologies allows us to acquire quality raw materials. These materials can be engineered to created beautifully finished products whose quality is recognised all over the world.

Porphyry extraction takes place in the quarries of Trentino

As part of the Consorzio Porfido Italia Porf-it, Porfidi Pianacci s.r.l. is companies that have pioneered extraction techniques to maximum effect.

Porfidi Pianacci srl uses the porphyry quarries in the Montegaggio region. The extracted rock in these areas is mined in shades of grey-brown, red-violet, rust or red-rust.

The quality and quantity of minerals in porphyry give this distinctive rock its natural strength. Phenocrystals of quartz, mica and feldspars are added to the raw material to make the final product resistant to chemical and temperature changes — making it perfect for creating hard-wearing flooring and furniture.


Contact us for more information, and ensure you get the best possible quality porphyry for interior and exterior furniture and flooring.



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