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Stones for use as external cladding

While porphyry sometimes takes the form of slabs, from which we can obtain materials to create a natural surface, it also appears in the form of blocks, which are ideal for producing processed surfaces. That's because, thanks to its origins as volcanic magma, these blocks have extremely uniform surfaces.

The extraction of these blocks requires a different process from shearing. Instead, it is performed in our laboratory by using special saws which allow different processing techniques depending on the laying needs or aesthetic taste of the customer. These could include brushing, flamming, polishing, sanding or sandblasting.

Because we can work on porphyry surfaces using the most advanced industrial processes available, we will always be responsive to the requests of even the most demanding customers.

We can also create other surfaces, not just outdoor flooring. For instance, our teams can create kitchen countertops, niches, furniture elements or custom-made porphyry garden seats - making every space completely unique.

At Consorzio Porfido Italia Porf-it®, we will also accompany buyers from the initial design phase through to installation, helping to find the best solutions for every project.

To discover the quality of our porphyry products for gardens and other outdoor areas, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to offer the benefit of our professional knowledge.

Porphyry steps and landings are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments

 Supply and installation of porphyry kerbs

For external and internal floors

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