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The processing of Trentino porphyry is carried out immediately after the extraction of the raw materials, which is one of the benefits of choosing the Consorzio Porfido Italia Porf-it®.

We firmly believe that we are leaders in the sector. We employ techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation, and combine this know how with vast experience and the use of advanced technologies. This approach has allowed us to play a pivotal role in the construction of urban and domestic furniture, as well as roads and flooring.


Processing of porphyry tiles, blocks and slabs

Whether it’s extracted in slabs or blocks, porphyry is perfect for the creation of many architectural works. The porphyry processing methods utilised by the Consorzio Porfido Italia Porf-it® include polishing, sandblasting, brushing, sanding and the use of flame. However, the final product is always consistent — and suitable for the construction of stairs, tiles, cords, drains, kitchen countertops, manhole covers and various elements of urban and garden furniture.


Part of the Consorzio Porfido Italia Porf-it® is Urban Stone, a company that specialises in the supply of natural stone products for the installation of floors, walls and ventilated walls. Several high-profile commissions have underlined the leadership of the consortium, and its ability to contribute to both the aesthetic and structural elements of architectural works. This is made possible by the use of innovative materials and sealants. In particular, we use specific adhesives, polyurethane and epoxy resins, additives and sealings that improve the strength of the finished project.


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