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Creativity, originality, precision, competence and reliability are all qualities of the designers and installers working at Consorzio Porfido Italia PORF-IT®, which allows us to deliver a complete package of the highest quality. We constantly work on the design of large public projects as well as small private projects, with the same passion, attention and commitment, to make every space sophisticated, solid and long-lasting.

From design to the laying of Trentino porphyry

In addition to the production of porphyry, AdArte s.r.l. is the part of the consortium that takes care of the design work. The company has been recognised by various clients as an effective partner capable of producing aesthetic and functional improvements within each project. The technical department is on hand to help customers, to provide assistance and advice from the first design phase. Designers and technicians perform the surveys on site and then realise rendering and design documents.

From the beginnings of the project, we move on to the skilled installation of the porphyry stone, thanks to our installation team who are selected through strict and careful criteria.

Each employee is selected based on previous experience and skills and has to pass an internal evaluation performed by a mentor. Laying stone is the specialisation of every installer so we can guarantee the excellence of the result.


Contact us: our talented designers and the best installers are ready to realise your flooring ideas or to fulfil all of your porphyry needs.



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