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Urban Stone S.a.s.

Processing and laying natural stone materials for exteriors and interiors

Urban Stone s.a.s. arose from a simple but powerful idea, to develop and implement the use of natural stone in both outdoor and indoor settings.

Our company is based on three key elements: In-depth knowledge of the materials we use, our many years of experience in the field of stone processing and our experience in completing public and private commissions.

In the production phase, we work closely and continuously with national and international designers, applying our knowledge in how to work natural stone varieties and how to incorporate them into completed projects. This allows us to handle even the most demanding and complex requests, using cutting-edge solutions, meticulous attention to detail and high-quality materials.

Thanks to the skill of our workers and our constant attention to quality control, we are able to realise the intentions of designers down to the smallest detail. By integrating craftsmanship and industrial techniques, we enhance the value of natural stone in architectural projects.

Our work teams are specialists in:

  • Laying adhesives, sand and cement, along with natural stone floors and walls for both interiors and exteriors (including projects like squares, gardens, courtyards, etc...)
  • Installing stairs and landings
  • Installation of ventilated walls
  • Sanding and polishing natural stone floors
  • Stain-resistant treatments
  • Restoring and consolidation the joints in natural stone flooring
  • Landscaping: including excavations, moving rocks and terracing

Other services:

  • Laying both drinking water and sewage pipes
  • Installation systems for water collection, drainage channels or rainwater recovery
  • Piping arrangements for later addition of lighting or irrigation systems



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