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Paving blocks


We are experts in providing porphyry bricks for creating borders in outdoor areas.

These "binderi" bricks can be used to delimit outdoor paving, to establish the shape of flowerbeds or in general landscape gardening. They can be used in pedestrian areas and courtyards, and are also suitable as the main material in home flooring projects.

Paving blocks: a touch of class for every flooring project

Our porphyry bricks offer a versatile finishing touch for flooring, and are the ideal way to furnish an environment, whether it is for corporate, public, or private purposes. The stones are immediately recognisable with their parallelogram shape. A mechanical splitting process ensures that the upper face of the bricks has a natural finish, while the sides have been split, creating the so-called "fillet", before the bricks are finished either by hand or machines.

The bricks come in the following sizes: normal (from 10x5/8 or 10x8/11 to 12x10/15) or giant (from 12x15/20 to 14x15/20). Different sizes are suitable for different uses. For instance, the smaller bricks are generally used for paving, while the larger versions are suitable for the creation of rustic pathways.



WIDTH (cm)

LENGHT (cm) THIKNESS (cm) WEIGHT (kg/lm) WEIGHT (kg/m²)
10 15/30 5/8 18 160
10 15/30 8/11 24 190
12 15/30 10/15 40 360
12 15/30 15/20 50 400
14 15/30 15/20 60 400


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