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Porfidi Pianacci S.r.l.

Trentino porphyry extraction

Porfidi Pianacci s.r.l. deals with the extraction of Trentino porphyry, a material with ancient origins, its use rooted in the history and culture of all Italy, but particularly of Trentino.

The company, with headquarters and laboratory in Fornace (TN) and a porphyry quarry in Albiano (TN), boasts extensive experience in the extraction and transformation of porphyry and in the processing of selected natural stone. The extraction takes place at the porphyry quarry located in Monte Gaggio.

Recently becoming part of the Consorzio Porfido Italia Porf-it®, the company has a key operational structure, supporting the rest of the large group.

For the Pianacci quarry, the first and second stages of processing (natural layers with splitting) take place at the Albiano (TN) quarry; while the third process (the finished surface) carried out by the technical department - takes place at the Fornace (TN) headquarters.



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