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Natural surfaces

Coatings in natural stone

Trentino porphyry surfacing has a roughened surface that offers excellent grip and prevents falls and slips. It is an ideal choice for finishing road surfaces and sidewalks.

Porphyry: A beautiful and durable material

Historically, porphyry has regularly been selected for the paving of squares, roads, streets and sidewalks by virtue of its inherent ability to cope with dramatic temperature changes and mechanical stresses.

Even within the private sector, Porphyry has been used in a variety of roles:

  • As cladding for surfacing external facades.
  • For the creation of tiles, cubes and tozzetti.

From quarry to application

Our porphyry is extracted from a quarry that is made up of large slabs. These naturally occurring slabs, known as 'quarry face', do not require further processing and are taken whole to a preparation facility. Here they are sorted by thickness and size and then cut into a variety of different products such as cubes, binders / paving blocks and tiles.


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Porphyry cubes for paving squares, pavements or streets.

Tiles and coverings for internal or external use

For wall coverings or courtyard and terrace paving

For establishing the shape and extent of flooring spaces

 Cladding for walls and external facades

 A good option when you need to pave any area with style

Non-slip exterior coverings for steeply sloped surfaces

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