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Irregular slabs - Mosaic


Porphyry slabs are considered, par excellence, the flooring material for patios and terraces and the preferred choice for both private use and public construction. They are easy to use while giving an effective finish.

Exterior mosaics: aesthetically pleasing and functional

We recommend slabs for embellishing the external areas of public or private buildings. These are sometimes incorrectly referred to as mosaics or opus incertum and present as irregular shapes, distinguished by the thickness and measurements of their raw quarry-cut edges. The finished surface is flat with irregular edges.

Slabs / mosaics are divided into:

  • standard, the most commonly used and suitable for surfaces with light traffic; the average diagonal is 20 cm and their thickness varies from 2 cm to 5 cm;
  • thin, the best choice for use in houses, around pool edges and on terraces and courtyards. They are perfect for pedestrian areas, pavements and gardens but not recommended for areas with heavy traffic. Their average diagonal is 20 cm and thicknesses vary from 1 cm to 3 cm;
  • giant, can be used for any type of flooring including areas of heavy traffic. They are particularly attractive, however, in gardens when laid with wide earth-filled gaps where grass can grow. Their diagonal is 40 cm with thicknesses vary from 3 cm to 7 cm;
  • thin giant types are rarely used as are rarely available but suit floors with little traffic. Average diagonals are 40 cm and thicknesses vary from 2 cm to 4 cm;
  • super giant slabs are rarely used because of their size but are suitable for lawn paving. Their average diagonal is 50 cm with a thickness vary from 5 cm to 8 cm.



STANDARD 2/5 20 85 11,80
THIN 1/3 20 60 16
MEDIUM (export) 2/4 30 85 11,80
THIN GIANT  2/4 40 90 11,10
GIANT 3/7 40 100 9
SUPER GIANT 5/8 50 150 7
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