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Research, consultancy and installation services for walls and flooring

At AdArte s.r.l., we take care of everything, right from the beginning. From initial excavations through to laying flooring and providing the finishing touches via external cladding and specialist flooring elements.

We specialise in laying both floors and walls using natural stone, and our work is characterised by competence, precision and reliability. Our design team allows clients to handle all aspects of project development via comprehensive "turnkey" packages.

The experience we have gained in the sector has been recognised by many commissioners and managers, who have worked closely with AdArte s.r.l. to complete their projects. In the process, we have made vital aesthetic and practical contributions, such as the careful selection of stone combinations, the correct use of sealants, and the choice of innovative materials.

Our technical and commercial office leads customers through every stage. From the design phase onwards our designers and technicians provide advice and assistance until the project is completed. From our site surveys and record keeping, to our design expertise and the quality of our flooring installations, we are leaders in the natural stone sector.

Every one of our floor installers is directly employed by AdArte s.r.l. and staff are chosen according to meticulous criteria. Each project requires a specialist team, including skills such as laying bricks (in arches, fans, or parallel rows), tiling, creating properly ventilated walls, adding cladding, or laying interior flooring.



We possess SOA certificate no. 18658/10/00 cat. OG3 class III, as well as company quality certificate ISO 9001: 2008 and the OHSAS18001: 2007 health and safety management certificate.

We operate in a range of fields such as public bodies, private and commercial construction companies and miscellaneous clients.


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